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Don't know the answer as to why there was a change in the release date...sure it comes down to $$ though.
Backus is still on schedule for Sept. RMP calls it "unctuous", and WS says it will rival the Insignia. Solid barrel tasting notes. Sounds like they're setting themselves up for a high rating. Maybe higher than the I?
I don't know "unctuous" (Good $1 word 'eh DocT)
but I know it's delicious.

Better Red Than Not!
I'd go with the Phelps over the Paradigm. We barrel tasted the '99 Insignia and even then it was a powerhouse. The '97 Paradigm was excellent, but not over the top, IMO.

Dr. T - the Washington '99s are outstanding. We've been privy to some special tastings and I think this will be one of the most heralded vintages yet, only to rival the noteworthy '94.

If you want to try some of the better, best, big WA '99 reds, come to Seattle Sept. 1. We are having several winemakers attend and share their wine. And then some.
I am a huge fan, as you may have gathered, and these wines, while limited in production, are attainable AND affordable (still). If you want to peruse their websites, go to ours at (courtesy of Revlis) and link away.

Or better yet, join us. [Razz]

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