'99 Ch. Quinault L'Enclos (St.-Emilion)

1999 Chateau Quinault L'Enclos, St.-Emilion Grand Cru -- unyielding dark purple, almost black, in colour, but giving off some nice aromatics of berries, cotton candy, vanilla, and charcoal smoke after 30 min. in decanter; completely mouth-filling, seems fairly heavy (though a reasonable 13.5% alc) but quite velvety, loaded with rich, ripe blueberry and dark plum flavours; we almost didn't notice the everpresent tannins under the weight of all that fruit on the long finish. A great accompaniment to rare tenderloin, and obviously a wine with a long future. About 91-92 pts. today. Really delicious, and easy to drink too quickly.
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Sorry. I didn't see your inquiry before-- we were in Europe all of July, and I never looked back at this note after we returned.

I'm guessing it's much too late now, but my answer would be "Yes" at your stated price. It's C$125 here, and I actually seriously considered another bottle at THAT price. Mad
  • 1999 Château Quinault L'Enclos - France, Bordeaux, Libournais, St. Émilion Grand Cru (12/24/2012)
    Opened and decanted for sediment about an hour before serving. Not much sediment. A little bricking.

    This is drinking beautifully. Red fruit, a little bit ripe, but not overly so. Some oak remains, stronger on the nose, but well-integrated when drinking. Some earthy mushroomy flavors and a bit of black pepper. Nice complexity. Tannins fully integrated. Well balanced. Soft finish hangs on for quite awhile.

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This was really nice. I picked up a 2000 Quinault and took it to an offline earlier this year. I was disappointed I couldn't get more of it after the offline. TCWC has some now so I picked up a few more. They also had the '99 and '01 so decided to try one of each of those. I'll probably get more of this. In a really nice place right now.

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