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Just curious what others have thought of the '99 Carmenet Moon Mtn. Reserve? The wine club in San Francisco, where I am, has is for $41.99 which is a steal in my opinion. I certainly think that the '99 Napa Cabs. are giving the '97's a run for their money! [Smile] It's everything I love about cabernet....dark, rich and bold! If you like a chocolately wine, it doesn't get much better in my opinion. I certainly thought more of it than WS's 90 about you!
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Thanks for the input B.M.!

I've yet to hear anything from anyone about this wine and yet it blew me away more than a lot of wines I've tried lately. The Santa Rosa paper here in California rates wines each week on a 5 star basis. It's VERY RARE when you see them give a wine 5 stars, but the '99 Carmenet was one of them! After that I had to try it, and I totally agree. Great wine, and a great price.

Agree. An underappreciated wine that offers a good QPR, and that comes readily in splits, perfect for 1 dinner.

However, more generally, '99 Cal Cabs are better than I expected, but as to '99's on par w '97's, let alone '94,'91, or even '95, in a word....NO.

Factor in '91 Beringer PR $50.00, '91 Harlan Estate for $55.00, '94 Arrowood RS for $40.00, '94 Dalla Valle $45.00, and the '99's look to me like they are no bargain. Comparable wines to these today are @$150.00- $200.00.

IMO, too many 90 pt wines for @$70.00. The Wine Bubble. Select '99 Cal Cabs worth a try...sure; worth going hog wild for...not.

DrT [Cool]

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Dr. Tannin.......

You sound like my #1 wine tasting buddy I get together with once a week. He's been collecting wine for nearly 50 years. He's got cases of Latour, Margaux, Lafite, Petrus, Caymus, Beringer, BV Reserve, you name it he's got old cases of it! He stopped collecting Bordeaux in '79 when the price of Petrus was raised to $35 per bottle! Imagine that! He remembers telling the local wine merchant that $35/btl. was rediculous, and the merchant's reply back was..."you better buy more, it's only going to go higher!"

I try not to factor in price when I taste....either I like the wine or I don't. When I like a wine....I mean relly like a wine....I'm willing to pay for it. The days of $55 Harlan are certainly a thing of the past!!! For those who stockpiled long ago, you couldn't be luckier. If you want to keep up isn't getting any cheaper for the good stuff! And, I agree, for the most part, with the wine merchant...."you better buy more!" I think we will have more choices in the future, but the demand is also going to be higher, and you will always have to pay for quality.

As for the '99's....I disagree with you...I would put it right up there with the '97 Napa's. Maybe a small step behind, but not far. I've been incredibly impressed with the '99's. There's some damn good juice out there, and a good deal more yet to be released!


All good points. Cellars are in various states of evolution. I have too many outstanding wines that can still go years to cause me to stir at much of the '99 releases. That no doubt colors my view, prices notwithstanding.

I do believe that of those I have tried, 97 is far more fruit containing than 99, and better fits my palate and what I perceive will develop. Moreover, I anticipate that obtaining '01 vintage Cabs, Zins, and PN will be a more worthwhile use of my money as the published experts all believe this is a significantly better vintage for reds than '99 is. Even our most respected palate here has been impressed at a recent Napa tasting with wine out of '01 barrels. The '01 vintage, many believe, will have much higher highs easily worth a slightly higher price v/v '99 and'00, and a plethora of lower priced quality second and third tier wines.

For me it's simple. Be selective in '99, even far more so in '00, buy in '01. I anticipate going hog wild for the '01 and believe that my money will be better spent snapping up all manner of high caliber and high QPR reds, simply by applying patience.


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Dr. T-

Agree with you there on the 2001's coming up....

Seems like it's going to be a good year for quality Bordeax and Sauterne as well! The Q/P there is looking quite nice too!

The other nice thing is that there is just so much wine right now, and the economy is slow too. This leaves wine retailers with a lot of wine to sell, and a lot of new vintages coming down the pipeline. Prices are super low right now on the '98 Napa's, as well as '97 and some '98/'99 Bordeaux. I think we will see prices level off for a little while on the lower to mid tiered stuff. Even slightly on some of the upper end stuff until the economy picks back up again.

Happy hunting and tasting!

Dr. DRaB,

Decanter gave it 5 stars. They tasted 200 Cali Cabs in their 1999 review and I believe it was only 1 of only approx 3 to receive its highest rating. Another one was the Joseph Phelps Napa (the Insignia wasn't tasted).

Their notes were...Rich, ripe, oaky, cassis nose. Supple, concentrated and tight with a lot of ripe tannin. Bright, black fruit character which is juicy and persistent.

This was reviewed in the April '02 issue.

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