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Now I know 98 wasn't the best year for Ca Cabs, including Montelena, but this is a price that really jumped out at me. Parker gave it 93pts and I think WS gave it 88 or 89pts. I havn't had this vintage yet but I did buy a bottle at this price over the weekend and threw it in the cellar. Has anyone had is recently to give me a recommendation on whether it's worth grabbing more (they told me Sat they had a couple cases left).

It's at a high end private grocer in Monterey County. If anyone is interested, post a note with your email and I'll be happy to send specifics. They don't sell via internet but they'd probably ship.

As for Montelena, it seems to me that I see more disparity with regards to the price of their Estate Cab than any other wine out there. I've now had the 97 (very highly rated) at two different country clubs in very nice restaurant settings for around $75. Local wine shops sell the 99 for upwards of $125. I've seen restaurants sell the stuff for $250 on their wine list. I realize different vintages set their own market but there never seems to be any consistency even within the same vintage of this stuff. Anyone else notice this?
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I bought the 98 Estate in Toronto for $75CDN (approx $60US), opened a bottle and took the rest back. It was obvious this was from a weak vintage and I felt it tasted more like a $25 wine than a $60 one.

I might have had a bottle that was off (it wasn't corked or oxidized though) but I was very dissapointed with the quality.

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I have noticed idiotic price differences with this wine as well. Even on the auction sites, one seller will have the '99 for $125, the next for $75. The magnums range between $200 and $350 for similar vintages, and the winery just bumped the price of the '99 Estate Cab up to $135. I have been trying to put together a case of the '99 Estate... have only been able to find 4 bottles. If anybody has some good sources on where to purchase the '99 I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks


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it's still available as of yesterday and I realized I forgot to post the location..

Star Market in Salinas, CA has 1998 Montelena Estate Cab for $39.99. Tel (831)422-3961. They are an upscale grocer (not a wine shop). I don't know if they'll ship a credit card order or not.. but it is worth trying if you're interested.


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