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Had this last night @ Dinner with the Board-Os.

It's a WOW. No doubt. "Power" Wine. And, it is Not often that I declare a Wine as a WOW. Lovely, just lovely. Have another 11 bottles. Joy.

This Wine has some time to go. Will get better with age. Decanted for more than an hour before consumption. Got better/opened up as the Dinner progressed. The aroma is overwhelming. And, honestly, the glasses were Not the best. The aroma would probably show even more in more classic glasses. The Wine is full of flavors (berry, chocolate). Smooth, deep, rich, long finish. Smooth as silk. This wine is beauty, & what Wine is all about. Texture/Balance/Body is perfect & well-developed. Well worth the price tag.

Points: 95-96.

P.S. Want to see/review it again in a couple of years, & then a couple more. Have the bottles to do it.

If you plan on drinking it, you can. But, give it time to decant. If plan on holding, is OK also.
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