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RP gave it 93pts. Neal Martin tasted in April 02, gave it 21pts, then re-tasted recently again in Sept 06, gave it 84 pts! Eek

He mentioned the wine being very dumb on the nose... and two-dimensional instead of three dimensional wine. Really don't know if there is sufficient fruit to outstay the oak...

Will it be because the wine is going through it's dumb phase and is shut down? Anyone who has tasted this wine please give us your thoughts and TNs.

Greatly appreciated!!
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I had this a couple of months ago.

I thought it was starting to enter it's drinking window. It was a bit tight on opening but opened up and provided a reasonably decent experience.

It was from a half bottle though. I remember thinking it was an 87-88 point wine. I can't see it ever breaking 90 points but what do you expect from Poyferre of that era?

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