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Saw an article discussing Ducru Beaucaillou in Forbes recently. The gentleman writing the article said that in a tasting, he preferred the '96 to the '96, and the '99 to the '00. He claimed the '95 and '00 were excellent... but overrated by hype and producers. I have never had Ducru, and was curious to what you all thought? Are the '96 and '99 underrated? Are they perhaps more intriguing than the '95 or '00? Let's hear it.


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I'm not surprised by this at all. Parker gave the '95 94 points and the '96 96 points. So there is no discrepancy there. The '99 Parker gave 91 points to, as opposed to the 94 points given to the 2000. I have had none of these wines, but, in general, I have often preferred '96 to '95. I have tasted a few top-flight '99s (Palmer, Leoville Barton) and have found them much more open than the hard-as-nails 2000s. My $0.02



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