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I bought this in Portland last month for $43, a bit more than I would have wanted to pay, but had never seen it anywhere else. '87 is also our wedding year, so I try to buy some.

Decanted it last night & let it breathe a couple hours.
Dark garnet, purple on the edges, almost opaque. Raspberry, grape &...what's that?--spearmint! (as a tube of toothpaste flashes before my eyes)--on the nose. Rather dry, with intense cherry & cassis flavors, lingering (with a bit too much alcohol) on the finish.
I was not overly impressed with this last night, but like it better tonight, more like the 86 points that WS/JS gave it in 1990. I'll give the other one another 5 years or so. I like the sweeter Graham's Malvedos better (WS 91; $40, or $32 at Costco) & have much more of it.
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I'm changing the topic slightly, but I had promised in a previous thread to give TNs for the 1987 Vargellas that we were having last weekend....except we didn't have it. Had another bottle of the 87 Offley's Colheita instead, plus a 95 Tokaji that was just too sweet and cloying, and a bit medicinal, for me. I don't have the bottle any more but if I find the name of it I'll post TNs on that. The 87 Vargellas will die over Christmas, I'm sure......
blobby (are you still there? Frown): I had this a couple of weeks ago and liked it a lot with stilton, but not so much on its own. I found it medium sweet and medium-full bodied, with flavours of dried cherry, menthol (your spearmint?) and a little citrus on the finish Still, it was excellent for the price, I thought.

I scored it 90 points.

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