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I think I have bought (subject to confirmation of auction results) more than 1 case of this recently but have never tried this wine myself.

Parker rated it 85 back in '89 and WS gave it 91 in 1988 with notes about it being built for the 'long haul'. Of the '85's I've had, many were definitely going to drink for 20 yrs and are drinking beautifully now.

Does anyone have recent experience of this wine? Should I keep some or just flog it? I think I will keep some but may try to recoup some outlay to pay for other purchases.

Appreciating the feedback in advance...

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Well I hope they did store it well for you until now.

We had a bottle 75cl last Friday. This is great wine if you want a score it would be a 90+ (I don’t give a damn about scores especially not about the commercially influenced RP scores).

We had this wine with a lambs rack and it was really good “a point” the French would say. Drinking window is limited in my honest opinion. Drink up in the next two to five years (and store it in a cool place). This is a wine I really like!

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