I am wondering if the chance of getting a "bad" bottle (wine and/or champagne) is just as good with a Mag vs. 750ml bottle. I notice some of the forumites like Mags, is this just due to the size or is their more to it?
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Logically, there seems no reason there would be any difference between Magnums and regular bottlings in regards to any `threat` obtaining a `bad` bottle. Personally, I enjoy larger formats several times for the following reasons:

They typically age slower in the larger format.
They serve well for larger groups.
Are fun to present at a celebration or gathering.
I enjoy collecting them
They can often bring a higher price at resale, should you ever decide to do so.
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I see your points KSC, but I guess my concern is, 2 bottles of 750 are less likely to both be corked vs 1 mag? I wasnt sure if Mags are less likely to be bad due to volume within the bottle? Or if that has anything at all to do with it?

I`m thinking volume has nothing to do with this. I`ve never read of `volume` having any influence, one way or another on these issues. In fact, barrels themselves can become contanimated. However, I have no facts to back up this statement. Purely my `logic` and opinion.
Well, if the source of TCA is strictly coming from "the cork" and in a 750 it imparts say 5ppm then wouldn't that concentration be down to 2.5ppm in a 1.5L? If your threshold is say 3ppm, the mag wouldn't be detectable?

Otherwise I say 2/3.

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