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Wow....what a tasting tonight! #1 wine buddy, and I have had a wonderful flight of dark, rich, and bold wines....not to delay the they are:

1. Caymus '91 Cabernet - Not to be confused with the Special Select., but this bottle was undoubtedly phenomenal! Pure essential essence of what a great California aged cabernet should taste like! Out of 7 previous tastings (separtate bottles) 3 were very undistinquished, but 4 after the fact were mindblowing. Whether this was due to loose corks on the 3 that were bad, or bottle variation, it's hard to tell. But, the 4 that were great, were truly fantastic, ripe, aged, California great cabernets. 94-95 pts. for those that were good, and for those that were bad, not even worth spaghetti sauce!

2. Paul Hobbs '99 Cab. - What can we, opulent, chocolately, dark, aromatic, and all the other cliches used by the austere connisieures and critics. Wonderul drink. This wine will go the mile. 93-94 pts. I would tend to lean toward the higher side...94 pts. solid!

3. Verite La Muse '99 - After a disappointing first bottle about 4 weeks ago which we were able to return for a new one, we have given it a very objective second chance. I would rate this after consibderable consideration to be a nearly great wine. It has all the makings of an ageable French Bordeaux, but of a California style. Rich, austere, with room for ageability, and eloquence. But, not nearly close to the elements of a "cult" classic. Which seems to be what this wine is trying to attain. IMHO. As for a point rating...91-93 pts.....definitely not what Parker or the latest hype rates it!!! Good wine, but not your best QPR rating...especially at $70!

4. '99 Mettler Cab. Lodi - For the price....a wonderful QPR! Elegant bouquet of wild cabernet. Deep dark color in the glass. Not over-oaked, with a beautiful fruit forward cabernet taste. top it off...this is the first release!!! A bargain IMHO at $22-25. Deep cherrry, rasberry, excellent fruit, and sufficint tannin. This wine was great with food. 88-90 pts. for it's price range. This is a wine that I would look forward to in future vintages.

Happy tasting!!!!

-DR. DRAB and fellow wine commonsieuer "K.B."
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I had the Verite again today, and it has softened up a bit. I still don't think it's a phenomenal wine. I like the Hobbs better. This bottle was MUCH better than the first one I had a month and a half ago. But, it still didn't knock my socks off like a 96 pt. Parker wine should! You won't be disappointed in it, but it won't blow your mind! Just my opinion......


If this Mettler Cab. is only half of what Lodi has to offer, please keep making some suggestions! Thanks for the heads up!


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