6 2010 Pauillac Wines from the UGC Tasting

The wines from this appellation were fairly typical. Some beautiful wines with lots of potential. However, overall I thought that the 2009's from Pauillac did better almost across the board. The Pichon Lalande was my favorite. It was only the 2nd time I have had it at a UGC tasting and the first time from a very good vintage. Here are my notes:

2010 Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac (2/5/2013)
66% Cabernet Sauvignon, 24% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Franc and 3% Petit Verdot. The best Pichon Lalande I have had (although I've only had the 1978 and 2001 before so not much to compare). This was also my favorite Pauillac at the tasting and I thought it was better than the Pichon Baron. Smooth texture with an elegant frame for being so young. Solid acidity with notes of cherries, saddle leather and grahite. 95-96 points.

2010 Château Lynch-Bages - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac (2/5/2013)
79% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot, 2% Cabernet Franc and 1% Petit Verdot. I really liked this wine and found it approachable for being so young. Blackish red color. Sweet tannins with good grip. Notes of #2 pencil, black fruit and ripe berries. Full bodied. Never had a disappointing wine from this estate. I liked the 1989, 2000 and 2009 better and the 1990, 2003 and 2005 as much as the 2010. The 1995 and 1999 I liked less. 93-95 points.

2010 Château Pichon-Longueville Baron - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac (2/5/2013)
79% Cabernet Sauvignon and 21% Merlot. I saw some really big scores on CT for this wine. Seems like I am on the lower end of the ranges but still thought this was close to being a classic wine. This had a full mouth feel and was very expansive. Notes of dark chocolate, plum and leather. Good acidity and full bodied. Powerful tannins. Of the 7 prior vintages I've had, only the 2000 and 2003 were better. I like the 1994, 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2005 less. 93-94+ points.

2010 Château Clerc Milon - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac (2/5/2013)
50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 36% Merlot, 11% Cabernet Franc, 2% Petit Verdot and 1% Carmenere. Notes of tobacco, forest floor and black cherries. Chewy texture with firm tannins. I liked the 2009 better but the 2005 and 1989 less. The 1996 and 2003 were it's equal. 92-93 points.

2010 Château d'Armailhac - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac (2/5/2013)
60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 23% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc and 2% Petit Verdot. Hadn't realized how many vintages of this wine I had consumed until I looked up my old notes. Vinages better than the 2010: 1990, 1995 and 2000. Worse: 1996, 1997, 1999 and 2001. Equal: 2003 and 2009. The 2010 was typical Pauillac. An earthy wine with notes of pencil lead, leather and coffee. Moderate tannins for the vintage. 90 points.

2010 Château Haut-Bages Libéral - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac (2/5/2013)
72% Cabernet Sauvignon and 28% Merlot. Of the previous 5 vintages of this wine I have had (2000, 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2009), only the 2001 was of lesser quality. Herbal and slightly vegetal in character. Tart fruit. Medium bodied with some sweetness on the finish. 88-89 points.

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