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We want to visit some wineries and will have a car for a few days. Any good ones not far away?

We are considering the following hotels:
Hotel Majestic
Hotel Ritz Palace
Hotel Arts

We are leaning toward the Claris. We've heard the Barri Gotic is not a great area to stay in because it's not safe after dark. True? There is also another hotel right neat the Plaza Catalunya. Is that a great area to stay in. What are the don't miss sights? So far, we're going to go to the Picasso Museum.

What are your favorite restaurants of all categories- opulent all the way down to inexpensive tapas? Thanks for any help.
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Botafumeiro is a great seafood restaurant. Pretty elegant. Waiters in tuxedos.

If you are into architecture, you'll want to go to the various Gaudi designed buildings.  You'll want to go to the Sagrada Familia, a cathedral which has been under construction since about 1885 or so.  They say it will be finished in around 25-30 more years.  I was not crazy about the Picasso museum, but that's just me.  The Penedes region is not far for winery visits. 

I'm sure if you use the search function here, and just type in Barcelona, you'll get a bunch of recommendations.



Stayed at the Renaissance on our honeymoon last fall.  Really liked the hotel and the location.  One of the more interesting and inventive meals we had was at Ten's Tapas.  Really really good.

If you have a car, head down to Falset and check out the Priorat and Montsant regions.  Far more interesting wines than most anything in Penedes, where I understand you get the wine tour bus crowd, if you catch my drift. 

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