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Local store had some interesting choices for a budget Bordeaux lover. Here is what I bought. Any of these you suggest I get more of? I don't plan to open these up any time soon.

2015 Château Cantemerle $35
2015 Château Fleur Cardinale $45
2015 Château Fonplégade $42
2014 Château Léoville Poyferré $64

These are some futures I wanted to get, so if my futures are a better choice, please let me know.

Chateau Talbot 2016
Chateau d'Armailhac 2016
Chateau Fombrauge 2016
Chateau Giscours 2016
Chateau Lilian Ladouys 2016
Chateau Siran 2016
Domaine de Chevalier 2016

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So I just have to say it - the Chianti suggestion is brilliant. 

Not to mention that you can do Chianti at a lower price point.

But rather than ask, I'd try a couple of the wines, figure out which I liked, and then buy those. As for futures, I'm not sure that there's any advantage any more.

In great vintages Cantemerle almost always makes a pretty good— though never great— wine.

Leoville Poyferre is an excellent producer but you’ll have to be patient. 2014isnt as highly regarded a vintage, but I’d wait 9 or 10 years before opening one of these. Price seems decent for this wine.

Those would be my choices.

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