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Well there was a definite concentration on California at the tasting. However, there was the odd bottle from around the globe that really does not fit into any category. So I include them here with my notes:

1999 Cobos Malbec (Argentina)- This is a Paul Hobb's venture which CWG opened. It was opened after the Cal Cabs which probably did it a diservice. It had creamy red fruit with notes of plum and vanilla. Medium bodied. A smooth drinking wine. 89-90.

1998 Fra Fulco Priorat (Spain)- Disappointing. Otisabdul brought this bottle. Another wine which may have suffered at the hands of the more powerful wines at the tasting. I had this 3 weeks ago at a Spanish tasting and gave it a 94. At that time it had sweet luscious fruit. This was not the same wine. Perhaps it was bottle variation or the fact it was not decanted. In any event it came off as simple this time around. 88.

1999 Krutzler Perwolff (Austria)- A blend of Blaufrankisch and Cabernet. This was WS's top Austrian red over the last few years. WS gave it a 92. Anyone who did not try this wine missed a very unique nice bottle. Again a bit simple in comparison to the wines around it (and that may have affected my score) but for those who enjoy some elegance in their reds this one is noteworthy. A dry wine with herbal and earthy notes. Dark red fruit shown through the mineral backbone of this wine. This wine was brought by rob a. Thanks Rob. Like you I am a fan of Austrian wines. 90.


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to be honest, i can't recall anything specific about each one. I love spanish wines and starting to fall for the Priorat's, so I'd love to try the Fran Fulco again. Don't like Malbec's but the Cobos wasn't bad at all. And after reading many good things about Austrian reds, that was my first taste. Again, it wasn't bad at all and I'd like to try some more Austrians. But, you are right VM, it was difficult to taste these wines after sooo many big cabs. I am really glad my bottle of Remeriz de Ganuza 96 wasn't opened. I'll bring it next time.
I do agree that the FraFulco was disappointing and not sure if it was not decanted long enough or simple bottle variation. I gave it the same score as VM. I did get to try the Cobos and not being a big fan of Malbecs I was pleasently suprised. I am not sure what this wine prices at but I am sure it is not cheap 89pts. I did not get to try the Austrian red although I would have liked to, I am not sure how I missed it but it wasn't that hard either with all the wines present.
VM, I agree that the Fra Fulco tasted nothing like it did at tastewine2's shop a few weeks ago, when it had such a sweet, rich and juicy flavor profile. Last Saturday, it tasted tired, earthy, and defintely overwhelmed by the monsters preceding it. I'd give it an 85-86 this time around. Bummer.

The Cobos was light, peppery, and fruit-forward. Pretty good, but lacking complexity compared to the other wines. On its own, probably a nice summer sipper. 87 pts.

Did not try the Austrian red.


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