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As Mimik says, we have the same problem here. I didn't check the bottles in the store on Friday, but when I got home I noticed the paper wrappers on 3 of them were stained. I took them back for a refund and picked 3 up at a different store. We cut the foil capsule on a few to make sure and they look OK, but as you suggest Mezzo, how well will these hold?

The wine isn't cooked because Vinaigre and I opened one a couple of weeks ago. That bottle didn't show signs of leakage until the capsule was removed. The wine was excellent, so it must be a bottling problem Pio had with the Barolo. It doesn't seem to be an issue with the 2001 Ornato or Barbaresco, which were also released here recently.
I noticed the same problem on Friday with the bottles that had been put out at the Dupont store. When I asked if there were anymore, the consultant looked and told me all the rest had been damaged in shipping. I contacted Peter Ware (Smallwinemakers), the agent for the product. He indicated that the LCBO shipped the wine in temperature controlled containers so there shouldn't be an issue of heat damage.

I bought two bottles at Keele. They showed no signs of seepage.
My TN, from Cellar Tracker:

"10/11/2006 rated 93 points: The initial offering from the bottle was a brick wall of tannin. I was sure there was something back there, just not available yet. The first hint of anything was a sour taste, not very promising. The sour soon blew off and I had the most wonderful expression of cinnamon I have ever experienced in a wine. Over the period of the next three hours, more flavors came forth in one beautiful wine."

I went back and bought two more bottles. I am, at this moment, examining the cork from the bottle I opened and it is perfect. Red stain only at the very end in contact with the wine. The cork has very few pits and is very hard.
"My guy" tells me Pio has a history of this problem.

He also stated that it may have been a bottling issue, whereby the bottles were overfilled and when corked, a slight excess of wine made it out THEN got trapped when the foil was applied.

All indications from the posters here are that the wine itself has not suffered, so...personally, I will open one (perhaps tomorrow night) and check the cork. In fact, perhaps we should all do that, considering it CAN BE returned if there's a problem, even with the bottle being opened.
Quote by: Halvino

Just opened one this evening and noticed that it was stained to the top of cork and thought great, another corked wine. To my surprise and that of my friends the wine was just fine. Not what I would have expected, especially since they use such long corks.

I would take this as a warning. A cork should not be stained to the top on such a young wine. My GUESS is that the cork is bad, the wine has not suffered the consequences yet.

I experienced the same thing with my first batch of 3 Guigal 01 CDP. I drank them within a few month and the wine was all fine, but all the corks were stained to the top. I later found this wine on clearance at $19.99 and bought 4 more. I opened one soon after purchase and the cork was fine.

Go Figure!
my .02
As promised, I opened one up last night. And because I promised, I was FORCED to drink it with chinese food!

The cork was nearly entirely saturated, but the 1cm square dry spot showed a cork that I thought to be somewhat darker than most I've seen. Whether this is a question of cork quality or the fact that the cork is absorbing the wine and turning dark as a result, is unknown to me.

As far as the wine is concerned...WOW!!! Even my 12 year old 'oysters for appetizer, fois gras atop a 10oz filet as a main, port dregs on crackers for dessert' son commented on the aroma wafting from the bottle at a 6 foot distance. Totally delish with NO sign, yet, of a bad bottling.

I think I'm going to keep the rest while making sure to have the receipt within close proximity...just in case. It's a darn shame we didn't know about this BEFORE the offline last Friday - we could have tried one of the bottles I hadn't yet removed from the SUV.

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