ate tonight at Charleston restaurant in Baltimore.  See,

Check out the wine list.

The chef/owner is a perennial finalist for James Beard awards, and the cooking is superb as is the wine list. It's a little goofy to sell a 2016 Petrus for $4450.  I mean, the wine is 10 plus years away from drinking window.  But, they give you a menu with about 30 things, and you can pick and choose a 3 course or 4 course or 5 course or 6 course menu (plus dessert) with suggested wine pairings.

I was glad to see Tagliata (another Baltimore restaurant) on the back page of the current WS print edition. We have some great restaurants here, and while an article about NY or LA or San Fran restaurants is nice, it's also good to feature some other places.  If the powers at WS would like a tour guide to the Baltimore restaurant scene, I'm available.

irwin posted:

  If the powers at WS would like a tour guide to the Baltimore restaurant scene, I'm available.

When we first started our little MD offline group years ago, Irwin selected quite a few of the restaurants we went to.  Not a dud in the bunch, in fact most of them were wonderful.

Ditto the recommendation on Charleston.  World class place.  A review from the Washington Post's restaurant critic HERE...


Chanterelle season has reached my local Costco.  Bought a package, quickly rinsed and dried them.  Threw them in a pan with butter, sauteed for 30 minutes.  Add a pint of heavy cream.  Reduce.  Add parmesan cheese.  Salt and pepper.  Toss with fettuccine.  Paired with 2016 Kutch Sonoma Coast Chardonnay.  

Our local Chinese place.  Has quite an extensive menu of things I've never heard of--and am afraid to try. ( Like: Dah Suann Dah Chang (Intestines) (大蒜大肠)  or  Beef Tripe with Leek Or Snow Peas, (牛百葉炒蒜苗)

Has a corkage charge of $0.   Gewurtztraminer is the go to  wine match for me.

We had more staid dishes. Orange beef, dry ribs, spinach, preceded by Hot and Sour Soup.


I blistered some grape tomatoes before adding red bell pepper, yellow and green zucchini, garlic, and a mix of dry and fresh herbs. Added sliced grilled Italian sausage and finished with just a touch of butter before tossing in some corkscrew pasta. Topped with fresh grated Parmigiano Reggiano. 

Tonight I made a 2 lb. tomahawk steak, brought up to 110° in the oven, then pan seared in butter. Then some sauteed chanterelle mushrooms with onion in the same pan, and a sliced baguette with some Costco spinach, artichoke, and Parmesan spread. Paired with a 2013 Justin Isosceles.  Haven't had the Isosceles in some time; forgot how good it is.

homemade tagliatelle, emerald grasslands butter, black truffle.  

similar to mneely - 2.5" thick bone in rib steak - brought up to 120f in applewood smoke at 275f in the BGE, finished at 600F, rest & slice.

treviso raddichio with warm anchovy sauce and balsamic 


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