Despite my team being out, I’m greatly looking forward to the two month test of grit and endurance. My predictions for round 1:

Flames over Avs

VGK over the teal guppies

Preds over Stars

Blues over Jets

Bolts over the Tortorellas - this could be an easy sweep

Bruins over Leafs

Capitals easily over the storm surge

Pens over the Islanders

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No first round upsets Bill? Unless you consider Vegas over SJ to be an upset. A minor one.

My picks for the first round.

Tampa Bay over Columbus in 5

Boston over Toronto in 6

Carolina over Washington in 7

Pittsburgh over the Islanders in 6

Calgary over Colorado in 6

Nashville over Dallas in 5

St. Louis over Winnipeg in 7

San Jose over Las Vegas in 5

I would happily be wrong on the Tampa Bay prediction.

With my son being in Africa for this past season, I honestly didn't watch many games - not even Blackhawk games.  That being said, I predict:

Calgary over Colorado in 6
San Jose over Vegas in 7
Nashville over Dallas in 6
St. Louis over Winnipeg in 7
Tampa over Columbus in 6
Toronto over Boston in 6
Washington over Carolina in 6
New York over Pittsburgh in 7

The fore-mentioned testicularly challenged Bettman gives Kucherov a slap on the wrist. That does not bode well for the punishment to be meted out to the Leafs Khadri. With his history he should get at least six games, if not more.

I didn't see the Bruins-Leafs game last night but from the highlights and what I read this morning, it sounds more like it as far as a B's fan is concerned.

It’s truly amazing how clueless and inconsistent the league is with discipline. That said, with Kuch out for game 3 and Hedman supposedly somewhat banged up CBJ has a great chance to go up 3-0. 

Kadri is lucky that the first Bruin to get in his face was the extremely intelligent Chara, who wisely didn’t get himself in hot water for doing what he surely wanted to. Looking at highlights it appears that DeBrusk went at Kadri’s knee early in the game. Doesn’t justify a stick to the head though. 

The ref’s tried to let them play last night and it backfired.  They didn’t call a thing which definitely played to Boston’s advantage and then just blew up with Kadri’s dumb move.  

He should have just dropped the gloves. Stick play is unacceptable. 

Kadri will have a personal interview with the NHL brass, which means the league has opened the door for a suspension of greater than 5 games. Less than that would be delivered via a phone call.

Regarding that earlier incident between DeBrusk and Kadri, I've watched multiple replays from different angles and it's tough to say the former was going for the knee. He was leading with shoulder and hip, but there was definitely direct knee on knee contact.

Another casualty from that game is Torey Krug. It's sounding like a concussion.

Will take a miracle now to save the Lightning.  Boy did they fall flat - scored 3 goals in Period 1 of game 1 and then held to 2 goals over the next 8 periods.  I leave on vacation next Sunday....and looking likely I won't have to worry about missing anything.

Nice to see the Bunch of Jerks make it a series. That was a nasty game. Kudos I guess to the young kid for taking on Ovi, but LaVar Ball might have suggested he stay in his lane. 

It seemed a tad loud in Toronto’s barn. The Leafs May temporarily quiet down the equally annoying fans of the Bruins.

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