steve8 posted:

Binnington looked shaky and Rask was solid. Back to Boston for the win in front of their fans.

Binnington has been solid after a loss, especially bad losses and Tuuka has been almost unbeatable in elimination games.  Could be an epic one tomorrow night. 

vinoevelo posted:

Really struggling to watch this year.  I liked the bunch of jerks storyline but beyond that i cant seem to get sufficiently interested.    Chara is a beast.  I hate the guy in the most admirable way going back to his Ottawa days.  Going back to the bench with a broken jaw is the stuff of Stan Mikita stories (ok it was ankle, but still).

Before your time and then some but Bobby Bain scoring an overtime Cup winner on a broken leg for Toronto. Hockey player's toughness put other pros to shame.  

I thought it was a really poor effort by the Bruins.  There's wasn't anything Rask gave up that was what I would call a bad goal.  Nothing at all like the nightly un-deflected, unscreened straight on floaters from angles at the circles Martin Jones waffled on.  What was bad, horrible in fact was the Bruins back checking.  Every goal had a wide open shooter unchecked or someone in front with a free stick to deflect a shot.  It was all on the Bruins forwards.  The defense did their job, but the forwards seemed to forget entirely they have things to do in their end of the ice.

It was Boston dominating possession, making the Blues looked out classed and then going 'I don't give a fuck' as soon as possession changed.  I've played with guys like that, I'm sure we all have, but an entire squad of 12 forwards deciding back checking doesn't matter in a game 7 was mind blowing.

I won't disagree with Paul's assessment of the Bruins back checking but in the end they just couldn't find a way to beat Binnington.

I was a little surprised he didn't win the Conn Smythe. That's not meant to take anything away from O'Reilly who was outstanding. He owned Bergeron during the whole series on face-offs and had 23 points, not to mention important goals in the last 4 games of the final.

I'm a little late to the party, and maybe this only counts as piling on but....

F the Bruins!  As soon as that first goal was scored they played like they didn't care. 

I will agree with Steve on hockey about 1 thing- Binnington should have been the MVP.  He kept that Blues team alive when no one else wanted to.  Other than one game where he was pulled he was brilliant.  

I was really sad for Marchand, that little b**ch (cue the sarcasm).  From what I hear he's actually a nice guy in real life, just has a dual personality once he gets on the ice.  The first guy who licks my face on the ice gets taste of my crotch next time we're in a pile together.  That dude needs some anger management training.  (me too)

Go Habs Go!  

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