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Been pigging out on some mexican food in Napa and SF, both foo foo and taco shops.  The best of the bunch was Thomas Keller's place in Yountville.  Just really, really tasty food. The watermelon salad, the elote, and their tamales were great.  Not even that expensive.  Gran Electrica in Napa was good.  Tacos were legit, though a bit small and overpriced.  Drinks were great.  El Farolito in the Mission in SF was legit.  I ate Alambre, which I hadn't had in many years since I left Tucson.  Could've been that I was a bit drunk, but it was freaking great.  

doubled posted:

@AZwiese, have you seen the Taco Chronicles on Netflix?

I haven’t. Any good? My buddy and I have given ourselves the enviable task of finding our favorite tacos in SD every Tuesday. Problem is that we have completely different tastes in food. It’s like arguing Bordeaux v Napa. Neither opinion is right, and we’re happy to eat/drink. 

thelostverse posted:
jcocktosten posted:

Last night, FKG was working so I made Flatiron Steak with sauteed onions and asparagus with garlic.  As it was raining, I had to cook inside instead of on grill as I would have preferred

You can cook steak inside?   Seriously, I bet I haven't cooked a steak in the house in the last 25 years. 

Believe it was the first time ever for me.  

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