Anybody hopping on the hype train?

Sucklin just blasted out a bunch of 100 pters.

Even lafite themselves said excelletn vintage with a modern style.

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@Ciccio10 posted:

30% price drop on 18 pricing...

The prices seem reasonable when compared with the releases in prior years. 

All the big names dropping their prices - Lafite, Mouton, Cheval Blanc etc. 

When the stock market cratered in March, I wondered if we might see First Growths (which correlate as much with the stock market as with vintage quality) below US$200 for the first time since 2004.  The answer seems to be no, or not yet.

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@vertigo888 posted:

Probably go for Durcu - B and 1x Margaux. 

After all, this is my first born's birthday wine. 

good stuff! congrats! i did the same for my son, he was born in 17, not the best year but i picked up a petrus and mouton (check out the label for mouton 17 and you will understand why lol) and a bunch of other 50-75$ bordeauxs to drink along the way

@csm posted:

SAQ just announced pricing today.  Generally look good to me.  

$280 for Ducru - B.

$850 for Ch. Margaux

I agree. Margaux should be $800, but I guess our currency did deteriorate that badly since the beginning of the year.  

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