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Looks like Palm Beach and area have a target on ourselves.   I painted one on Mar-A-Lago just to orient the storm.  No one acting like nuts yet.  Food and water still on shelves

Will really screw up the weekend as we have a large golf tourney at the Club.   Hopefully PR will avoid any damage this year.  When we were there in May we could still see many Blue Tarps. 

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We have dear friends that have a home in Orlando and one here.  I'll give you one guess who is boarding a flight in Orlando today and flying to DFW.

This one is looking nasty.  We all know it can take a last minute turn or fall apart or what not but all indications are you guys are in for one serious ride come Sunday and Monday.  Stay safe as best you can. 

Nice to see some of the familiar names are still on here.

As always, these storms hug the east coast and constantly threaten us here in SC. If they are south of me I am always watching. Good for you in S Florida as it looks as though you dodged a monster. The latest models have it off the coast in the Carolinas, but as always, life stops until it passes. I guess I should consider myself fortunate since there is a chance for storms to go to sea, something not possible if you live on the Gulf Coast.


Some of my most enjoyable weeks have been spent in the Bahamas.  I hope that the folks there can recover from this mess.  Good luck to all of you in FL, GA, NC and SC.  This is one serious hurricane.  As an aside, our commander-in-chief says he's never heard of a Cat 5 hurricane.  There have been four since he took office.  As usual, dialed in, on top of things and ready to meet all challenges.  


We bailed out of Palm Beach and went over to the mainland.  In hindsight, we didn't need to; but at the time it was the right decision, I think.

Some wind and rain, but nothing very unusual or powerful.  I did spot one sunken boat in the Intracoastal as we were driving back.

I feel so bad for the Bahamas.  The Abacos and Grand Bahama Island got clobbered, and the storm just stayed over them for about two days.  The videos I've been seeing of the damage there only highlights how powerful and dangerous this storm is.

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