Marinated and grilled center cut pork chops, with oven-roasted cauliflower. The former had a mix of chipotle lime marinade, apple cider vinegar and Dijon mustard. The later was tossed in olive oil, kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper and chipotle powder. A simple but delicious meal. 

My son is home from Africa for a wedding and his girlfriend is here with him.  She is a pescatarian, so we've been eating a lot of seafood this past week.  Grilled up some Sea Bass, Halibut and Salmon.  They were downtown last night, so the Mrs. and I had some smoked chicken breasts.  My wife, who would eat beef everyday is going loony.  Good thing there is some steak on the horizon next week...

Red wine braised short ribs of beef.  Disaster!  After the ribs were cooked and placed in the oven to stay warm, I got distracted while reducing the braising liquid.  I returned to the stove to find the liquid reduced all the way to dried black char in the skillet.  Necessity being the mother of invention, I found some teriyaki sauce, poured it over the ribs, and made a meal of it.

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Turkey chili with beans. Gotta horrify the Texans once in a while. 

Hell, Bill... you just horrified a Yankee with that post.  


Now I can horrify everyone - McDonald’s happy meal. Certainly not the plan, but sometimes life jacks with you. 

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