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I'm not liking these rumours of Willian joining Arsenal. If he won't take the 2 year offer from the Blues I hope he leaves England. Or go to one of the promoted teams.

Speaking of which, one of them will be another West London team as the final promotion spot comes down to a game between Fulham and Brentford. If I have my facts right Brentford has not played in the top tier of English football since 1947. And they are moving to a new stadium for the start of next season whichever league they will end up in.

Haven't forgotten Joe, just not thinking too much about it because Chelsea is wasting time and money to fly to Munich.

Hopefully City knocks RM out this afternoon.

A few days ago Arsenal announced they would be cutting out 55 "redundant" staff jobs due to the financial consequences of the pandemic, which only seemed odd because no other large clubs had done that (yet). The next day they announce their head of recruitment, after 24 years of service, is one of the 55 redundancies. The day after that they announce the entire recruitment and scouting department have also been let go. What a bunch of testicular challenged twats. Don't even have the guts to say the real reason choosing instead to hide behind a virus. Stay classy Gunners.


From an article in the Guardian this morning about the national disaster that is Barca.

"Coutinho is not the first loan player to score against the team that owns him and there is no great shame in that, but if he wins the Champions League with Bayern, Barcelona will reportedly owe Liverpool €5m more. The Champions League victory clause attached to his €120m-plus-€40m move from Anfield – a move that happened six months later than they wanted – did not specify that it had to be for them. If true, they’re effectively paying him to beat them, which would be so very Barcelona somehow; his goals were a suitably pitiful end."


I enjoyed watching ManUre snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yesterday in the Europa League semi-final. What are they going to do with Pogba? He just doesn't seem to fit. Fred was playing his part yesterday. Whatever they do I hope it costs them a lot of money.

I was on the edge of my seat for the last 5 minutes screaming!  PSG was finally trying to end it, but so close, yet so far.  Very exciting.  Surprised Coman was the only scorer in the game. 

I was vary disappointed at PSG re awards ceremony, as they walked off the stage, 75% of them removed their medals, with a disgusting look on their faces.  Should have been an honor to be in the final.

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