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Champions League and Europa League draws for the knock out phase are done.

Bring on Cheatski.  Might as well get it on right up front.

Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid
Real Madrid vs Manchester City
Borussia Dortmund vs Paris Saint-Germain
Chelsea vs Bayern Munich
Lyon vs Juventus
Barcelona vs Napoli
Tottenham vs RB Leipzig
Atalanta vs Valencia

ManU drew Club Brugge.  Should be a good series.  ManU will need to be in good form to beat them.  They are not easy.

Joe, if Chelsea continue to play the way they have the past few weeks you have nothing to worry about.  The kids seem to have lost their confidence, Jorginho has returned to normal and Kepa needs to spend some time on the bench.

Arsenal were indeed a mess. WTF were they doing during the Kolasinac injury? Voluntarily playing with 10 men against a team like City? Arsenal fans had every reason to boo and leave early.

Looks like Mikel Arteta is to take over at Arsenal. Seems like a good choice to me but we'll see.

And Ancelotti to become manager at Everton? Ferguson wasn't given much of a chance despite 3 decent performance in a row since stepping in. I know it was interim but...

Bayern. I haven't seen any of their games recently but I have noticed that just turned 19 year old Alphonso Davies has been part of the starting XI a lot. Good for him. His is a wonderful story.

I've stayed away from this forum since Arsenal has basically sucked butt this year.  Emery was a disaster.  And Xhaka represents everything horrible about Arsenal, all in one convenient place.  He is an above average offensive player, able to spray passes all across the field and he has a cannon for a left foot.  But he goes missing in big games, he sucks at defense, with his errors usually costing the team greatly, was given the captain's armband, only to get it taken away after he cussed at his own fans after yet another disastrous performance.  

I hope Arteta is able to inspire the squad.  Somehow Lacazette has been shunned, but I have enjoyed having Pepe/Ozil/Auba all on the field at the same time.  They haven't quite hit on all cylinders yet, but the makings are there.  It just happens that their defense is legitimately horse crap.  DeBruyne's first goal was classic Arsenal.  They looked impressive on attack, gave up possession, opposing team counters, and then scores with precision, as Arsenal's young hope (in this case Martinelli) fails to track back and pick up his man.  At some point, Arsenal needs to hire a lesser known coach who gets players who play defense.  How on earth does a team like Sheffield United give up 11 less goals in the same amount of games?  

That seems a bit harsh JC. I've watched games in which he certainly seems to lack motivation but there are several others on the team with the same problem. He didn't help his situation last week with his social media comments about China which isn't to say he doesn't have a right to his opinions, but stating them publicly like that is always going to have repercussions.

The game between the Gunners and Everton this morning was seriously poor. If I had to single out a useless Arsenal player I would point to Torreira. Too easy to knock off the ball and he inevitably ends up on the ground acting like he was shot. Martinelli isn't much better. Arteta has a huge job.

Interesting matches yesterday.  Man U really stunk it up

Chelsea outplayed Spurs big time and Lampard outfoxed Mourinho.  Willian's goal was beautiful (granted the defending was rubbish), and that Keeper challenge/foul was almost as bad as De Gea's howler on Saturday.

Not sure what to think of Son's red card - he kicked out and you can't do it but Rudiger basically tackled NFL style), it was uncalled, he then held him upside down and I can't really blame him for doing it - just give them both yellows and be done with it. - 

Obviously the racist chants/gestures - if they took place (which I assume they did) are totally unacceptable and don't make any sense - both teams feature many players of many races from all over the world - I simply do not understand but . . .

I didn't see the Chelsea-Southampton game and I'm glad for it. Would have been a waste of 2 hours from what I've heard and read. Their home record is poor, especially when playing teams in the bottom half of the table. Fortunately the game against the Gunners tomorrow is at the Emirates. ;-)

Wolves-City yesterday was a good game to watch for a neutral. Sterling got very lucky on that penalty kick(s).

Nigel Pearson really seems to have changed things for Watford. Three wins and a draw in their last 4 and they arguably could (should) have got something from the game against Liverpool before that. And they're winning games with 10 men for significant lengths of time. I think Ben Foster has been the best goalkeeper in the PL so far this season. Gareth Southgate should be paying attention because Pickford has not been his best.

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