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Label Note:  The bottling “River Road Ranch” is hidden within cursive writing on the label and wouldn’t be immediately apparent unless you know to look.

*Next-day edit at bottom, which may change things a little*

This is an $18 CA SB that doesn’t suck. The nose is lemongrass, nectarine, mandarin orange zest, a hint of fresh green leafy herb — maybe like tarragon or basil, and the slightest suggestion of tropicality — maybe papaya. The palate has blood orange than anything else, but also with the nectarine, lemongrass, and hint of green leafy herb. The finish is surprisingly long.  There is a hint of RS. 

Trione is the only winery in CA to use the same type of yeast as Merry Edwards. This wine isn’t as good as ME — it doesn’t have that evasive addictive deliciousness. But it is one of the best non-ME CA SBs I’ve had in a ling time. That isn’t really a high bar, but still, this is shockingly good for what it is. At $18/bottle you could serve this at a summer bbq and just not care how much you go through or if anyone appreciates it... and also you and whomever else genuinely enjoys wine would appreciate it. 89-90 points and a great QPR. 


The wine fell apart after less than a day. It became simple and the RS became almost cloying. I would not want to consume the wine in its current state. Best consumed on the cooler side and immediately. Downgrading score to 88.5 overall. Still, a recommended backyard quafer. 

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