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Originally posted by PurpleHaze:

Agree, mneeley...

More for everyone else. Not interested. Smile

And in these days of mislabeled seafood origins, what do you think the chances are that all the salmon sold as Copper River really is?


I never thought that was anything inherently special about the salmon or the river.

But they do handle their fish much better than other places to justify their premium pricing.

I'm lucky in that I live in an area that still (for now) has King Salmon runs so I don't bother with Copper River.

I know at least a dozen guys that commercial fish for Sockeye but most in Bristol Bay and I can't tell the difference as long as it's bled correctly. It's usually the favorite for hot smoking. $15-$20 is what I pay for a whole side at the market. For cooking, grilling, sushi, lox, indian candy, I prefer King but not stuck to it. Sockeye and Coho are really lean in comparison and I also like fish tacos with those leaner fish.

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