steve8 posted:

The Arsenal-Spurs game on Sunday was entertaining. Unlike the Wolves-Chelsea game yesterday. Defense just broke down for 5 minutes.

Futronic, Hughes got fired. Happy now?

Very much so! I still think Southampton have a good chance of being relegated at this rate.

Good result for Chelsea against City. I think City really missed Aguero, and this once again confirms that Sterling shouldn't play as a false nine. He's much better playing from either wing where he can use his pace.

jcocktosten posted:

Have to say I don't like David Luiz but he played an excellent game against City

Yes he did and I'm sure from my posts here before you've noted I feel the same way about him.  It will probably be his last season with Chelsea if some other club is willing to give him more than a 1 year contract.

Kante also played well. Maybe it had something to do with the position Sarri finally allowed him to play.

Should be some interesting CL games today. Spurs pretty much need to beat Barca and Liverpool has to beat Napoli by a few. At Anfield they're capable.

I liked this post from the Guardian this morning.

United become everything they laughed once. Spending money like City, talking about history like Liverpool, aiming 4th place like Arsenal and changing managers like Chelsea.

Giggs would be the smart choice for United to replace him. Or Eddie Howe. Hopefully they won't choose smart and instead pick Zidane or Conte. Big Sam as the interim to keep them up?

His ego is too big now and he ends up pissing his players off. I can't speak too badly of him though as he did lead Chelsea to 3 league titles.

Apparently sacking him is going to cost ManUre about £15 million. Add that to the "compensation packages" he received from Porto, Chelsea, Inter/RM, RM again and Chelsea again. Not bad.

jabe11 posted:

A couple of great wins for Leicester.  Now if Fulham could only get in gear.

Peterborough having a good run but have tapered off, and Norwich also making a serious promotion run.

Even better run for Portsmouth, but they have also tapered off recently, especially dropping the game against Gillingham on Saturday. I'm still confident that Pompey can get promoted.

As for Leicester City, definitely playing well recently. Beat Chelsea, beat City and took City to penalties in the League Cup.

I wonder how Mourinho has enjoyed the last 2 ManUre games? To be fair to him, the players should be ashamed of themselves too.

Salah is a diver and hopefully the refs have that in their heads going forward. Despite that fact, they crushed Arsenal. I would have preferred a draw but the result puts some space between the Gooners and Chelsea for 4th spot.

Looking forward to the City-Liverpool game on Thursday.

Well entertaining game.  Pep outmanaged Klopp in that game IMO.  Liverpool's lineup was too defensive and they could not keep the ball.  

Alexander-Arnold had one good cross and spent the rest of the game giving the ball away repeatedly and getting toasted on defense

Here is a pet peeve - Man City deserved to win the game so no gripe about that and I know the refs always allow the time wasting but it was particularly egregious today. 

Pep's rant at the refs took about a minute; Edison took 45 seconds or longer for his last goal kick and was not carded, the crowd and usher or whatever the sideline guy refuse to give the ball for the throw in twice in a row and only 18 seconds are added?  

How Bernardo only gets one yellow is also a mystery.  

Anyway, the result will lead to a more exciting title run so that's fine.

jcocktosten posted:
Pep's rant at the refs took about a minute; Edison took 45 seconds or longer for his last goal kick and was not carded,

He was carded for that.

Watched the Chelsea-Forest FA Cup game yesterday. Apparently Febregas' last game for the Blues. You know I didn't shed any tears. Morata was an odd scene in the game. Scored two, but showed zero pleasure. Missed one I could have redirected into the net and then went straight down the tunnel after being subbed. Is he on his way too?

Chelsea would be insane to sell Hudson-Odoi to Bayern, even for 30 million sterling. He was superb yesterday and I'm sick and tired of Chelsea's abysmal record of bringing up their academy players. But with that stupid fucken witch in charge of transfers, who knows?

Signing Pulisic tells me she is preparing to sell Hazard, which I'm OK with. He wants to play for Real Madrid. Just make sure you get 150 million for him.

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