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Dyche got a lifeline with that Burnley win last weekend. Too bad they lost their Carabao Cup game today against a struggling League One team.

And then there was one. Liverpool win their 6th straight, but Chelsea can't put one past West Ham. 

I'm still not getting the objective of playing Kante and Jorginho at the same time. This has to change. The former is like a fish out of water playing an attacking role and the latter has not impressed me at all.  

At least Derby beat Man U on penalties.  Watching Jose suck it truly is enjoyable

Mourinho is losing it. He was never this hostile to his players. It started at Real Madrid, continued at Chelsea during his second start and just keeps getting worse. ManU is going to take a bath on Pogba when they finally sell him. Of course that pains me so.

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Mourinho is losing it. He was never this hostile to his players. It started at Real Madrid, continued at Chelsea during his second start and just keeps getting worse. ManU is going to take a bath on Pogba when they finally sell him. Of course that pains me so.

I am sort of sad because Pogba really can be a brilliant player and this whole thing has been bad as a fan of the sport

Let me restate my position. I feel bad for Pogba, as bad as one can feel for someone being paid gobs of money, but enjoy seeing ManU lose millions.

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Kovacic is quite good isn't he?

Yes he is. Too bad he's only on loan and based on Real Madrid's performance yesterday against CSKA they might want him back sooner than later.

Really enjoying the fracas around ManUre right now. I bet Sanchez regrets leaving Arsenal, or at least for the circus he joined.

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The apocalypse is nigh!  Morata has netted in consecutive fixtures!  

He's still got a long way to go to make up for so many missed chances, but the goal against Southampton was a really good touch. Recently he has just blasted chances like that right at the goalkeeper.

Away from the EPL for a while. What is happening in some of the European leagues. I realize there is still a long way to go in the season, but Bayern Munich in 6th place after a draw and 2 defeats in their last three games? And in La Liga both RM and Barca have only 1 win in their last five games and neither is in first place? Although it's the same old stories in France and Italy.

Rescue this thread from the second page.

Did anyone see Brozovic block the Luis Suarez free kick the other day in the game between Inter and Barca? Pretty clever.

I also enjoyed seeing Mourinho lose it at the end of the Chelsea-ManUre game last weekend. Classless on the part of the Blues assistant coach for sure, but still laughed at Mourinho's reaction. Poor Jose, the whole world is against him.

And how about Arsenal? 11 wins in a row. A cynic might question the caliber of the opposition in those games, but still impressive.

From what I've read it looks like Chelsea could be facing a 2 year transfer ban for violating FIFA rules on the signing of foreign players under the age of 18. Andreas Christensen and Bertrand Traore are apparently the players involved. The positive side of the outcome, if they are guilty, is the wicked witch of west London won't be able to make anymore stupid signings for 2 years.

There are also supposedly 4 other EPL clubs being investigated for the same violations, but haven't been named and they haven't admitted to being one of them. Rumour has it that City is one, which is not surprising. Man U would be my next pick. Liverpool.

On a different subject, is anyone paying attention to the Nations League (or this thread)? I'm not even sure how it works yet. Interesting that Spain started well but has recently lost games to England and Croatia, which mean they could relegated to Group B depending upon the outcome of the England-Croatia match on Sunday. But then what? They do it all again?

Still here occasionally, but the format change has lost me (and a lot of others). Haven't heard that about Chelsea (thought it should have happened years ago ), but have read about Man City's FFP issues, which if true, should get them a lengthy UCL ban and fine 'Course, with Sheikh Mansour's billions, a fine won't matter. I can't even figure out why there is a Nations League.

Arse4ever, I realize you are obsessed with FFP (UEFA), but what Chelsea and 4 other EPL clubs are being investigated for is possible contravention of FIFA's rules governing the transfer of players, specifically under 18 foreign players. Unrelated. And you might want to be careful because Arsenal could be one of the five. Only Chelsea has publicly acknowledged being part of the investigation.

Big comeback yesterday for England to beat Croatia and advance to the semis along with Portugal and Switzerland (speaking of comebacks!). Belgium falls short once again. The Netherlands are in a good position to claim the fourth spot, but one can never count the Germans out.

And then there were two...unbeaten teams left in the EPL. Didn't see the whole game yesterday but in what I did see Chelsea looked lost against Spurs. This is bound to happen eventually when you have David Luiz as your central defender.

PSG VS LIV a real disaster.  where was ref from?  Lot of bad calls, and calls that should have been called

The Arsenal-Spurs game on Sunday was entertaining. Unlike the Wolves-Chelsea game yesterday. Defense just broke down for 5 minutes.

Futronic, Hughes got fired. Happy now?

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