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Hard not to feel bad for Liverpool. 97 points with only 1 league defeat and they don't win the league. Let me be clear, I feel bad for the club and players. Their fans....pfffft

The EPL rules Europe this year. Pretty funny that Arsenal plays Chelsea  for the Europa League in Azerbaijan. The CL final in Madrid is not that bad.

FLWino, BM has not clinched the league yet.

Go Portsmouth!

Domestic treble for Man City. Excellent season for them but I'm sure Pep is disappointed about Europe. And it looks like they may not win it next year either. Hard to win if they can't even play.

Griezmann going to Barcelona sounds like a done deal. I expect Hazard to be sold to RM shortly after the Europa League final. Hopefully his final act for the Blues will be to win that.

The president of La Liga is criticizing City and PSG because of the money they spend. Rich coming from the league of Real Madrid and Barcelona who invented outrageous spending on football players.

Speaking of RM, the Gareth Bale situation is pretty funny although not for the player. Zidane doesn't want him but Bale has 3 years left on his contract for €18M per year. Hmmm, maybe they can work out a deal with Chelsea for Hazard which sees Bale at Stamford Bridge with a chunk of his salary covered by RM? Better do it fast though.

And Juve are interested in Sarri?? Only if he takes Jorginho, Higuain and Kovacic with him.

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And inequity the Ffp isn’t an issue?  Not that is is easy to regulate but the battle against relegation and the continual domination of fewer and fewer teams is a real issue.  Bayern and Juve winning their respective leagues, in, what, the last 6 years running?  Where is the fun in that as a neutral?

At least in La Liga you have a dualopoly, and a bit of a mix with the PL, highlighted by LCFC winning the league a few years ago. The super league is a terrible idea.

But i think the PL dominating the two championships to play is huge for the league...perhaps a result of the record revenue this year?  Regardless, it’s cast off the not untrue mystique that playing straight through Xmas has weakened English clubs in international comps.  If nothing else, it exposes the depth, competitiveness and resources of the PL, and to the benefit of any and all fans of it.

Well, Hazard is gone. €100 million which could rise to €130 million with add-ons. Thank you for the days Eden. Hopefully Real Madrid works out for him better than it is for Gareth Bale.

And it looks like Sarri is going to Juventus! Please, please take Jorginho and Higuain with you! Now another season and another new manager for Chelsea. Who will it be? Allegri? Lampard? Holland? Santo? Not sure Lampard is ready yet even though I'd like to see it. Santo would be crazy to leave Wolves for Chelsea imo.

A4ever. Chelsea's record with youth players over the past 15 years has been very frustrating. Because Abramovich only accepts trophies the constant turnover of managers has resulted in young players being churned through. The gem of one manager becomes the goat of the next one (e.g. DeBruyne). I am looking forward to this transfer ban as I'm hopeful it will force them to give more of this kids an opportunity. They need to bring back and keep players like Zouma, Abraham, Mount and James. If they hire Lampard I think he will be more open to giving them a chance.

Meanwhile they are apparently close to signing Kovacic for £45M.

Kovacic signed <sigh>.

Meanwhile, since Derby County has identified and spoken to a candidate to be manager, it looks like Lampard is coming back to Stamford Bridge. I really hope it works out.

ManUre are off to a quick start in the transfer market. They need to keep up their record as the biggest spenders with no return. Twats.

I understand that Gareth Bale wants out of the Real Madrid circus, and that he wants to screw them financially, but he'd be a fool to go play in China at this point of his career.

EPL season starts in a little less than 2 weeks.

I read an article the other day in which Kroenke Jr. warned Gooners fans that the "top trophies would be out of reach this season." Such warming positivity for the rest of us.

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