Really appealing mineral flavor, strong green component that is herbal with peppercorn but not vegetal and raspberry fruit with spice. Low tannin, perfect acid, pungent and savory. Great Washington wine that definitely loves Loire Valley but did not make an under-ripe wine. 92
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Nice note, spo. Not too much Franc coming out of Washington, at least bottled as a varietal wine. I grabbed a few Idiot's Grace Cab Franc from Full Pull Wines a few months back and loved them. They were a nice interplay of taut fruit (but not too austere) with some nice herbal/green elements to compliment the good fruit.

I didn't know Savage Grace did one from Two Blondes. The only other winery I know that sources from that vineyard and does a single-vineyard wine is Andrew Will. I'll have to keep my eyes open.
Originally posted by BRR:
Nice note, spo. Not too much Franc coming out of Washington, at least bottled as a varietal wine...

I've been searching out WA cab francs for the past few years. A few good ones that I can name off the top of my head are Columbia Crest Walter Clore, OS Winery, Owen Roe Mystica, and Baer Maia. Haven't tried Savage Grace, but thanks for putting it on my radar.
BRR, I passed on Idiot's Grace, I may ask Full Pull if they can still get it based on your comments and that I enjoyed this green cab franc so much.

Mneely490, I got some Tranche Cellars cabernet franc from 2011 and 2013. It is a sister winery of Corliss. I hope it is good. Never see those other ones you mentioned because we get so little WA wine in so cal but am excited about WA cab franc.

Thanks for info/comments guys.
Sounds like an interesting wine indeed. I am not a fan of cab francs that tend to 'mimic' cab sauvignons instead and have no green streak . . .

But they can forego some of that green and still be quite good and different from Cab Sauv, i.e. a little brighter and lighter. I've been drinking the OS since I found it in 2000 and it's pretty good, not Cab Sauv and not too green. Mike Januik made one, as did Chat St. Michelle and Walla Walla Vinters, and I think there's a lot that's blended in high proportions by producers like Andrew Will and Cadence.

There's some out east in places like Michigan and New York, but they don't quite seem to get it yet - it's often green but without the bite you get from the Loire versions.

The WA versions kind of have their own style. CA does it differently - Crocker Starr for example makes a version quite different from the CS based wine, but at the same time, not a Loire wine either.

And of course, it makes a most excellent rosé.
Barrage Cellars does one, usually a blend of Boushey and Red Willow vineyards' fruit.

Disclaimer, used to work for them...

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