Way back in 1982, I made my first purchase of "Real" wine, a bottle of 1979 Chateau Laroque St. Emilion. Loved it. Bought another vintage or two, then it disappeared....I think from the U.S. market in general. Fast forward, found the 2016 available, read the reviews as well as articles about the recent improvements to the winemaking team, and immediately bought 4 bottles. I opened the first last night....always like to try one early to get a read. IMO, based on the geology, topography, and the size of this large estate, there is no reason they cannot produce stellar wines.

If anyone is truly interested, I might suggest reading the reviews on wine.com. You can assimilate the common themes, and I agree totally. Here's how i arrived at that conclusion:

Decanted @ 4:00, poured a few ounces into a Speiglau Bordeaux/Cabernet glass @ 5:00.....swirled and sniffed for about 8 minutes. Couldn't quite get it at first (I knew the composition, but had certainly forgotten it) and finally thought this is merlot and I definitely get a touch of Cab Franc (Cab Franc are planted here in upstate N.Y. and Canada's Niagara...so I'm familiar). Other than that, not much. So, merlot and a touch of Cab Franc. Taste?....unyielding would be the term.

About 10 minutes later, a touch of cedar on the nose, maybe flowery perfume...a bit of loosening in taste.

Another 1/2 hour and the flowery perfume is REALLY rising. Clean and direct. Getting a bit of dark cherry in taste.

Another 1/2 hour...wow...the aromatics are actually soaring. Almost in the manner of a high end Oregon Pinot Noir or a Premier Cru Burgundy. gorgeous,  maybe violets...my wife said cherry. I just start detecting a bit of the tobacco/chocolate/bottom of glass bourbon aroma that is so wonderful. The palate continues to loosen, my wife now says "smooth". 

Final couple ounces...the gorgeous blended  uplifting aroma of the violets, some mineral and the Tobacco/chocolate blend (This is secondary). Very balanced, balanced, balanced... tastes just like the aroma!!(sort of). I would agree with the critics as "elegant" and "refined". This will be quite nice in a few years (or more). I agree with the critics scores, would not be surprised at all with the 94 rating. 



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Thank you for the great story and notes.  It has been years since I had Laroque, but will be on the lookout.  BTW:  if you get down to Ithaca, let me know.

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