Saginaw Uncorked tasting group. A selection of available 2015 RdM’s were tasted. Happy to see Redhawk and his wife made it! I wanted to try these wines to preview the vintage. I am a big fan of Talenti, San Filippo, Il Poggione, and Altesino after the 2010 vintage. The 2015 is supposed to be really promising.

NV Valdo Prosecco—Meh. Typical supermarket prosecco. 87 pts.

2015 Cinelli Columbini Fattoria dei Barbi RdM: This was a really nice wine, ready to drink now, graceful, a little sour cherry, leather, bright and yet asking for some food. 91 points.

2015 Altesino RdM: This one kind of got lost by most people between two really nice wines (Barbi and Talenti), but it was good. Darker, a little more tannin, nice balance with red fruits. 89 points.

2015 Talenti RdM: Crowd favorite early. This wine had a fantastic nose of ripe red fruits that just invited you to drink. Best bouquet of the night for certain! The wine was perfectly balanced in acidity and tannins, and offered great young fruit with a mineral spine and some beautiful earth notes too. 92 points

2015 San Filippo “Lo Scorno” RdM: A really nice wine; I recall it having a “different” nose. Graceful but intense. Wants food; perhaps a more “serious” RdM? 90 points

2015 Il Poggione RdM: A baby brunello for sure. Tight, needs air...this one will age and could use a few years. This wine will get better with 3-5 years age. 91-92 points.

2013 Costanti RdM: Yes, I threw a 2013 in the mix from a great producer because it was available. This wine was a mixed review depending on who was talking. Had some anise on the nose that was immediately distinguishable, at least upon opening. It was a serious wine, with more going on than some others. Tannic, with a very very high acidity that was tooth-coating and off-putting for me. Sour cherry, leather, strawberry, a little char. I am guessing some others liked it more than I did. I tried it (yes there were leftovers) the next evening and it was still unbalanced to me. 88 points.

2013 Il Carbonaione Podere Poggio Scallette: Yeah, don’t buy this wine. There will then be more for me. Thrown in to see how this currently available year tastes. Not disappointed. 94 points.

2001 Il Poggione Brunello di Montalcino: Just a beautiful wine from nose to palate. Opened one hour prior. Great color, opaque and bricked a little. Nose of flowers, leather, strawberry. In the mouth, delicate and on-going flavors that just please. A lot going on for a 17 year old wine. In perfect drinking window center. 97 points. Wish I had more, it is the only one I have and glad I could open it for friends.
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I agree about price. In Michigan however, rossos go for around $25-35, if you can find them. BdM’s go for $50–$90. An example: Il Poggione is the most common BdM I see here, and it usually costs around $80.

The reason I wanted to do this tasting was to get a preview of the 2015 BdM’s. I think these wines were really nice and I expect the BdM’s to be fantastic.
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Opened a bottle of the Altesino last night and it was really gorgeous with fresh strawberries and good acidity.

It was on my shopping list so you just reinforced it. Thanks.

I'll pay up to CDN$30 for RdM's. The Altesino is $26.50 here. I bought some Casanova di Neri recently and it was $29.50.
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Great notes! Thanks.

Very jealous of that 01 Il Poggione BdM. I opened my only bottle last month and it was corked.



You know, the only other time I've tried the 01 it was corked too. Pretty sure it was at one of our tastings.

I have one 04 left, and the last one I had was either over the hill or totally closed still. I think it could have been closed.

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