Stunning. Purity and elegance beautifully combined. Notes of morello cherry and sweet oak replays on nose and palate with hints of cloves. This one needs time but it will shine. Try again in 6-8 years. This is a unique wine and very refreshing in this age of taste uniformity. 94+

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sunnylea57 posted:

There are still a few dozen bottles of the 2011 in the LCBO system. Some in Oakville, some downtown, some in the north end of the city.  $62.

Thanks. i picked up some 2013 here in Montreal. They had only imported about 40 bottles or so. Only 200 cases made per year. Have you had it before?

steve8 posted:

Every time I've had a Castellare wine I've always thought it needed time. Especially the I Sodi. Very well made wines, but meant to age.

True but even in their youth, they are quite enjoyable with a good decant. I find the wines made in a traditional style  even when making the Coniale which is I believe mostly if not 100% Cab.

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