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Appearance: slightly hazy, deep lemon, long legs.

Nose: clean, youthful, medium+ intensity of popcorn, mineral, ripe melon, hint of vanilla, straw mat, cashews.

Palate: dry, med+ integrated acid, HIGH warm alcohol, full body, med+ mineral, ripe melon, lemon, popcorn, vanilla, LONG waxy finish.

Conclusion: very good (93+). It's drinkable now but I'd much rather leave it along for another 5~7 years. Minerality stood out from start to finish but not enough to cover the overwhelming alcohol on palate. Hint of ripe peach began to surface after about an hour in glass.

The sheer concentration and minerality, which gave the wine a long, long finish, made the wine most interesting but the alcohol (a whopping 15.6%) kinda took away the balance I craved in a perfect wine. Hopefully more complexity will develop with time in cellar. For now, not with Mr. Parker on this one....
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2012 Peter Michael Chardonnay Belle Côte

Opened by Allred. Served blind. I've had 9 Peter Michael Chards, always at someone else's expense. This was an excellent example of a rich concentrated California Chardonnay and drinking well at 11 years old. A buttery and oaky nose. Notes of lemons and waxy white fruit. An oily texture with some alcohol on the spicy finish. Unfortunately, this is not a style that appeals to me. 91 points.


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