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I did not watch the Williams-Stosur match as I was completely engaged in the NFL action.

That is a great win for Stosur. I'm glad to see her hold up and finally break through in a Major championship.

Regarding Serena, the official made the proper ruling. She (Williams) has been trying to verbally exhort herself throughout the entire tournament; she just picked the wrong time to shout out her typical, "COME ON!"

Stosur already seemed to be in control of the match at that point. Serena allowed the official to distract her further, which made it nearly impossible to beat an opponent that was clearly the better player on that day.

I don't necessarily have a problem with her words to the official. Unless there was something I missed on the replay, there was no abusive language. I have seen and heard much worse from a multitude of players throughout the years, many of whom were not penalized for their tirades. Some of those players, famously, played better tennis after an outburst, others, as in the case of Serena, did not.

The $2,000 fine is an absolute joke.

Djokovic was clearly too much for Nadal. Even after the early break, I had no doubt that he would win the set.

He is simply better than Nadal in every aspect of the game. Furthermore, if Nadal is unable to improve his service game he should expect the same result whenever he faces Djokovic in the future.

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