2010 Schrader Collector Pack(3bt) for sale

2010 Schrader Collector Pack for sale. Please send me your offer at jsteadicam@me.com

The Collector Pack includes three bottles of exceptional 2010 Schrader Cabernet Sauvignon presented in a signature wood case.
(3 x 750ml)

• 2010 Schrader GIII Cabernet (1 bottle)
• 2010 Schrader RBS Cabernet (2 bottles)
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Sure. You need to have a reason to write a book. However, do you really need to ask why people buy and sell commodities? Come on, we are living in a free market world unless you are from a controlled society where people don't believe freedom in the market. I buy stuff if I want it and sell stuff If I don't need it. Not just wine, house, Car, Cameras, and more. It is good as long as it is fair and honest for both parties.

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