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This was one of the top wines of our trip to Oregon and sharing this with Tom M at his house on the vineyard made it even better. This was consumed over 2 days and each glass was better than the previous.

This is a full bodied wine with medium to medium high tannic levels with a plethora of dark cherries, strawberries lively acidity and medium length on day one. A hint of asian five spice blend shows up on the mid palate.

On day two the fruit and acid was more velvety and the finish and spices were longer. The main change from day one to two was the aromatics. Letting it breathe in its own bottle revealed a multi flower component on the nose during day two. This is a baby but can be enjoyed with food now with plenty of air. I believe Tom uses 3 different PN clones to make the Merci. Definitely the best young Le Cadeau I have tried to date. 94pts. Tom and his wife are true mensches and I am excited to visit with them again.

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IW -- Deb and I very much enjoyed our time with you and Mrs. IW. Lots of fun! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Glad you liked the Merci (actually Merci Reserve [green label]-- 42-cases). Our first Merci was from the '09 vintage, and sported a tan label.

The 2011 Merci Reserve will get bottled on Monday; also a very fun wine, and for the first time it incorporates our estate Swan block. Production was increased by double digits-- all the way up to approximately 70-cases. You'll need to come back again soon!

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