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Had 1/2 bottle over dinner at Torrisi Italian Specialties tonight in NYC so notes are with a meal.

Pleasantly acidic, strong candied lemon and lemon peel on the nose with unripe apricot and peach (white peach?) notes. I say unripe because the wine isn't really juicy per-se but there is some definite citrus and stone fruit going on here. Really nice minerality . . . I haven't taken to licking rocks yet (as is advised in the movie "SOMM") but there is a clean mineral note here that I can't pretend to even label). There's some oak here but not over-powering; nice complement to the citrus notes

For a reasonably medium to full bodied Chardonnay, the alcohol is pretty tame.

This wine duked it out incredibly well with a wide array of foods ranging from a fresh mozzarella to a charcuterie plate to orchiette with sausage + crawfish without flinching. I hesitated to order this when I first saw the tasting menu but have no regrets

I would give this a solid 94-95
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I had two vintages last year of The Judge ('05 and '06) at a white wine/champagne dinner in Houston amongst a few wine friends.
This is a rocking California Chard, and rates amongst my favorites, with Marcassin Marcassin Vineyard Chard. The price clearly has that built into it! With that said, I would buy if the opportunity presents itself.
Originally posted by Parcival:
Wine Doc . . . do you have any of the Judge left or will you be getting some?

I'll trade you for a Marcassin Vineyard Chardonnay in the fall if you're interested

Sorry Parcival - I was the very happy recipient of these fine bottles at a wine dinner. This is not one that I have an allocation.

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