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This is a real beauty from the Willamette Valley. This is a tiny production (250cs)single vineyard (Soles' Wits' End Vyrd) pinot that very simply put makes you smile at the talent and handcrafted nature that the winemaker has used to make this.

Roco is a small winery in Newburg and now that I have tried their wines on a couple occasions I will seek a visit with them hopefully next spring.

The wine displays strawberry, spice and plum on the nose and palate. As the wine gets air you cannot help but notice the reticent cherry finish on the back tongue. This '09 is young and should age well for 8-10 years. For those that are curious this comes from the Chehalem Mountains AVA. Rollin Soles is the winemaker. 94+ pts.

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IW . . . nice notes. Just checked out the Roco site and this is some really well priced juice.

My go tos in Wilamette are Archery Summit and Domaine Drouhin but that is only because I have little familiarity with these smaller producers.

Looking forward to trying their wines as well as Pinots from John Thomas -had one once from a friend's stash and his wine lived up to your description of a boutique Oregon-based wine artist
Thanks for the notes. Argyle fan here so following Rollin Soles at Roco as well. I have not had the private stash (need to get me some) but I have had mixed results with the regular 09 bottling. Latest I have tried show marked improvement from xmas time and I am. Hoping it was just too young back then. . I have a few 2010s as well. Thanks again.

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