2009 Isosceles

Has anyone had this vintage? I've had two bottles and LOVE the way it's drinking now. Tons of cherry, vanilla, really juicy and I didn't pair it with food other than some cheese (suggestions for similar wines like this at the same or lower price-point would be really appreciated).

I'm wondering how this will cellar. I purchased 3 additional bottles and I'm thinking of getting a few more to lay down. Any thoughts on how this will age? Do you think it'll lose some fruit and become a bit more mineral-y?

On a side note, It seems the '09 could be the year this wine really changes. The old winemaker is gone and it seems there is an entirely new staff in charge of wine making since the winery purchase(?)

I've been out of the business for about 6 years and haven't kept up with recent vintages as much as I would hope to, sorry if this has been covered already.
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I haven't had the 2009 vintage yet but my folks did on a recent trip to Palm Springs. They had nothing but good things to say about it. So much so that they were trying to find bottles of it locally once they came back home.

It's coming to Vintages in the March 2nd release, albeit at $78.95. BTW, we enjoyed the '05 last weekend.

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