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The '09 Dunn HM came out a little lighter in style as compared to '06-'08. Having said that, as with all of these HM's it's a wine that absolutely/ positively requires a lot of patience to show its best. So yes, the '09 is an excellent candidate for long-term cellaring. I would suggest that if you do pull the trigger on a (6) pack, don't even think about touching them for at least (12-15) years. Beyond that, they will easily drink well for (25-30) years. IMO, the wines from the mid-80's to early 90's are just coming in to a nice window. The '97 I had last year however, is not yet ready.

I could rant on & on about Dunn, as they're my favorite domestic producer...But, I would definitely recommend the '09. If you come across any '07/ '08, scoop those up too Big Grin
I work as a private chef and my boss has bought a ton of mid 80's to drink now just recently. He's saying that the '87's are great...the "off" years area a great purchase too. This maybe true for Dunn, but other wineries make different styles which may not last as long. '09 won't be a bad purchase, it'll just be a long wait till poppin' the bottle. Good thing is for consumers is that Dunn doesn't have great appreciation least for now. I hope it's easy to find at below $100 in 10 years like it is now.
Originally posted by dzitt:
Any thoughts on the "regular" 2006 ? Does it needs a long ageing before being near ready ?

I opened one of my '06 "Napa's" a few months ago. Here are the notes:

- Decanted (8) hours. Nearly opaque in color, with no tinge on the rim. Deep, dark, and brooding nose of blackberry, anise, & tobacco. Much more concentrated than both the '05 & '07. Searing tannins on the front, with a long finish. Extremely tight, and nowhere near accessible. Hold until at least 2018. No rating, but could see this going 92+ with time.

* Based on recent tastings, the '03 HM & Napa are accessible with a healthy decant.

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