2008 Stefania Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve Harvest Moon Santa Cruz Mountains

My first Stefania, courtesy of SD Wineaux:

Decanted for (4) hours:

Very nice color, with a dark ruby core. Notes of dark berry, mint, and vanilla dominate the nose, with a bit of tobacco and spice not far behind. I could smell this wine all day!

On the palate, a medium plus body with generous amounts of fresh, high quality fruit offer just the right amount of oak influence. Tannins are definitely present and coat the palate, but are well integrated with the fruit.

A 30 second plus finish offers additional notes of dark cherry (not sour at all) and eucalyptus.

Overall, this is an outstanding bottle of wine. It's clearly young, and if I could find a case, I'd love to track it over the course of 5-10 years.

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A great loamy earthy nose that reminds me of Graves, mix in some mountain fruit and you get a dark spiced plums and a hint of cumin.

Some bright red currants, crushed early summer plums, mixed with some oak and dusty tannins finishing with a raw tobacco finish.

A fine drinker, but looking for the tannins to smoothen out and mellow some of the acidity.

89-91. The nose makes this wine.
I just opened one of these today and loved the nose. The first taste was rich and deep, with nice loamy earth and dark fruit. There was a bit of acidity that balanced the fruit. After 4 hours, the acidity is very prominent. It is almost vinegary in it's intensity. Like g-man, I am hoping acidity is mellowed out with further aging. And, like g-man, I can see the left bank similarities. That is a good thing, but I would like the acidity dialed back a bit. 89pts(with hopes for a nice evolution in 5+yrs)

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