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First bottle. Opened, poured some into a couple glasses (not mine), and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Fairly tightly wound after 30 minutes, but lots of development when I went back another hour later (after several reds). Medium gold color with a moderately effusive tropical nose. Palate followed with a mix of lemon, mango, mandarin orange, and a touch of creamy oak influence. Fairly full-bodied and a touch buttery, but with an incredible sense of precision and minerality. My last sips seemed to be adding a peach note as well - yummy! One experienced taster described it as white CdP but with a California frame - 'made sense to me. At similar ages Hoodoo Man seemed more lively and crisp, while The Petition was smoother and more self-revealing; this seems to be in the middle, but with perhaps more stuffing than the previous two SQN whites. I really enjoyed this, but I'll probably wait longer than previous vintages to open a second bottle. A five-year-old The Rejuvenators remains my favorite SQN white, but this has definite classic potential IMHO.
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2007 Sine Qua Non Body & Soul (USA, California) 28/06/2010 Cellar_Fiend 93
My first SQN white. This was consumed over two days. Day one the wine was consumed after an hour in the glass, having never had the wine before I could still tell this was not open for business. I drank the glass and put the remainder of the bottle away until day two. Day two, the nose of this wine is substantially better. lychee, tropical fruits and banana are crystal clear in profile. The palate consists of lemon concentrate, poultry herbs, honey, all in a extremely viscous mouthfeel. The finish is about 8 seconds in length and a little hot. A delicious and excellent wine. I will buy another and lay it down, as I am curious to see what this is like with 6+ years on it. (1 view)
2007 Sine Qua Non Body & Soul - USA, California (7/5/2013)
Deep gold color. Honeysuckle, beeswax, sautéed apples, lemon custard and pear aromas. Rich, full-bodied texture, featuring flavors of honeysuckle and quince, figs, roasted apple and pear and lemon curd. Hints of nutmeg and spice- white pepper- and just a bit of alcohol on the finish. Would score it higher without that bit of heat on the back end. (92+ pts.)

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