2007 Cayuse Syrah Cailloux Vineyard - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Walla Walla Valley (3/30/2018)
-- decanted 1 hour before initial taste --
-- tasted non-blind over 2 – 3 hours --

NOSE: eye-fluttering aromas of savory purple fruits, dried herbs, green peppercorns/stems, as well as an underlying "meatiness."

BODY: medium-full bodied; violet-garnet color of great depth.

TASTE: concentrated garrigué; oak; plum; smooth; low acidity; concentrated blueberry, which doesn't make itself obvious until well into the finish, which is very long and of medium-light to medium intensity; peppery/smoked beef; 14.6% alc. is well-hidden; no overt olive note, but there is an underlying briney aspect; nice pair with steak (the food helped the wine; the wine did not help the food); a touch ashy with food; not tertiary, but fully relaxed; Excellent, and probably in its prime drink window; I'd bet the alcohol and oak outlive the fruit (tannins gone now), and the acid seems low, so I see this as best to Drink Now and over next 2 – 3 years.

50, 5, 14, 16, 8 = (93 pts.)
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It's the Robert Parker scoring system. As much as I don't agree with the man's ratings on many wines, I do like his scoring system.

50 possible points for simply showing up. Fermented grape juice.

5 possible points for color/appearance.

15 possible points for NOSE/AROMA

20 possible points for TASTE (which, for me, tends to include an assessment of tannins, acidity, alcohol, flavor, intensity of flavor, finish (length/finish), potential for further improvement, etc...)

10 possible points for Overall score.

My scores are heavily clumped in the 86 - 93 band. I'm probably not as harsh as I sometimes should be, and I know I am frequently more conservative than I probably should be. I am trying to make an effort to use the 94 - 98 part of the scale more often, when the wine actually merits it, but --- so far --- I am failing. :P

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