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This GruVe is being sold for $5 a bottle at K&L, supposedly marked down from $11.

At that price it looks mighty tempting as a summertime case buy, but I wouldn't recommend it. I found it dull & insipid, with a bit of white-pepper GruVe typicity on the nose, but a tired midpalate and forgettable short finish. Acidity is OK, it's balanced enough to quaff mindlessly, but I was bored after 1 glass so forget about a case purchase (fortunately I only bought 2 bottles).

The juice itself is worth about 79 points, however...
-docked 1 point for hideously ugly packaging;
-docked 1 more point for being a mediocrity trading off the name of the greatest composer in history;
-docked yet another point for being finished in cork when most other Austrian producers have embraced screwcaps for their early-drinking GruVe's.

Final score 76 points. If this were to be compared to a work by Mozart, it would probably be something he wrote when he was 3... certainly not a mature-period masterpiece.
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The nose is floral and peachy and eventually petrol/petroleum jelly like. Peach, honeydew melon, mineral and a floral quality on the palate upon first opening. As this is open longer the wine goes in a drier direction. Much more mineral, lime and an herbal and green element almost hinting at bell pepper. The acid is a crisp and the wine is just very fresh.

88 Points

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