2006 Pedroncelli Four Grapes

Label says Vintage Port but of course, it's not. Shameful that Pedroncelli lies and cheats about what this is, even though they do use Tinta Madeira, Souzao and other grapes that go into real port.

Nose of really really young port. Also Swedish berries, candied cherries and dark chocolate.

Dusty dusty black cherries, red licorice and asphalt - maybe gravel. Reminds me of really young ports, and why I prefer to let them age at least 20 years. All in all, decent dessert wine and QPR.

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Originally posted by spo:
The Prisoner is about a $38 bottle of wine. +$12 is not too bad. But that Four Grapes is only +$1.00. That is good import qpr. Wink

Actually, such a small mark-up on the Pedroncelli is a minor miracle here! But the markup on the Prisoner is scandalous - over 30%. It was one thing when our dollar was way lower than yours, but our dollars have been at parity for ages now. And a 30% markup is, if anything, a little lower than usual.
I find that these are quite tasty vintage fortified wines made in the traditional "Port" style. Sandy hit it right on the head. They may not be Ports for the ages, but represent solid value.

2006 Pedroncelli Vintage Port ‘Four Grapes,’ Dry Creek Valley

Pedroncelli has a long and celebrated history of producing vintage Port using the traditional grapes of Portugal – Tinta Madeira, Souzao, Touriga, and Tinto Cao. The nose is a veritable spicebox of licorice, brown sugar, pie spices, and a note of salted nuts, all neatly complementing the fleshy, sweet plum fruit. On the palate, it is thick, sweet, and spicy. Delicious now, it should continue to evolve for two decades. Good value.

MSRP: $19/500 ml (December 2011)

Wine Lines rating: 91

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