Really?!? I'm surprised because I recently tried this and had it at a 93 point wine. I liked this wine a lot and considering I can get it for less than $20.00 I think it's a great QPR. I will have to open another bottle and take formal notes but maybe it's the style of the wine you didn't like, however I certainly wouldn't call it light by any means.
I have to agree with Emilio on this one. Big, rich, and round, very modern/new world, fun to drink and delicious. No formal notes, I drank the wine about a week ago, fruity and structured on the first day, I remember a blackberry and plummy character. The second day it picked up savory notes, but retaining the dense, rich mouthfeel. As good a $17 bottle of wine as I can remember, 92-93 sounds right to me.
I opened a bottle of this last night. I'm probably in the middle relative to the comments above. It's a well-made wine with dense black fruit, coffee, mocha, medium tannin and enough acid to stay in balance. It might improve in the short term and hold for a few years. Solid value for $16 at Costco.

The downside is that there is little character, distinctiveness, sense of place, varietal character and overall interest for the wine enthusiast. It tastes like a good quality, large production wine that could come from a number of places around the world or be made out of any number of varietals.

And should you expect more for $16? Not most of the time. I couldn't really find anything wrong with it, and I'd probably consider buying it on a steakhouse list on a weeknight or something, but otherwise I'd probably look for more interesting wines in the retail store over this.
My wife decided it was steak night so decided to open a bottle and take notes:

This wine is 40% Malbec, 30% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. Nose of raspberry and toasty vanilla. Very dark with black cherry, blackberry, raspberry, and fig flavors. This is a rich, dense, full bodied wine with good acidity and nicely balanced. Finishes with a strong taste of dark chocolate, coffee, and firm tannins. Good to drink now or within the next 2-3 years. 92 points.

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