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Earlier in the year it seemed that most people were not interested in the 2006 Bordeaux futures and in some cases like myself waiting to see what would happen with the 2007 vintage. While it is still a bit early I think that the 2007 vintage will be OK at best, perhaps like 2004, only the exchange rate is at 1:1.41 this morning which is bad for us in the states. So my question is did anybody buy 2006 futures and if you did which ones? Are people interested in 2007? I would be interested in 2007 if prices came down to 2004 levels. As for 2006, I haven't bought a single bottle.
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Originally posted by Juicy:
Originally posted by Pipeau:
Not interested in 2006 or 2007. Bordeaux needs to be taught a lesson. If you buy either vintage now, you could be paying less in five years.

WTF??? Do you have a new theory on supply and demand and their affect on prices?

Or it could be a 'theory' on exchange rates...
I am no economist, but I am not holding my breath on help with exchange rates.

On the other hand, I think we can expect sporadic fire sales on the "lesser" vintages from Bordeaux, like 04, 06, and 07.

If you have specific Chateau you want, futures may be okay, maybe not. But, if you just want good wine at good prices, I for one would wait.
Are people interested in 2007? I would be interested in 2007 if prices came down to 2004 levels.

How could anyone be interested in 2007 yet? I'm not even sure the harvest has been completed, much less there be any report on the overall quality of what was harvested. Would you be interested in 2007 if it turned out to be less than 2004 quality?

In any event, I'm not sure how much Bordeaux I plan to buy anymore. Their greed has exceeded my love for their wine.
spo I haven't had much luck finding many 2006 futures in that price range that I liked the reviews. Most wines rated in the low 90's are asking $40 (ish). Lagrange, Branaire Ducru, Malescot and Gruaud Larose come to mind.

Old_Winyard it would appear that the 2007 vintage isn't going to be very good, but they did have great weather in Sept. so I'm fairly confident that the wines will be OK, nothing lousy like 1999 but nothing amazing either. If the quality is worse than 2004 I think I would look at the 2006 vintage a little more, maybe buy a few things but I'll probably wait until the barrel reviews come out in the spring. I read a nice article on that talked about the glut of unsold 2006 wine and even the 2005 wines still remaining that will be exacerbated if the 2007 vintage is a flop. Somethings gotta give.

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