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I was curious about this wine when it got the 90 points a month or two ago, even before it made the top 100. Elsewhere on the boards is a huge discussion about whether or not it was deserving because it is, after all, the apparently evil Yellow Tail! Razz Many of the people positn in that thread seemed to have an opinion even though it was apparent that they would never consider trying this wine. In any case, I was out shopping yesterday, saw it for $8.99 and figured what the heck. I like Aussie Shiraz, but usually not the over the top jammy fruty ones - I prefer a little structure. For reference, the 03 Jacob's Creek Reserve is one of my favorites at this price range. This Yellow Tail never gets jammy, at least to my palate. The dark fruit is really up front, both on the nose and in taste. The finish lasts surprisingly long for a wine at this price, I would say a good 30 seconds at least. While a little more pepper/spice at the back end would be preferred, I would have to say it is an enjoyable drinker. Hervey Steinman knows a billion times more about Shiraz than me, so I can't really argue against his 90 point score. Bottom line - I like it. It had enough tannins to stand up well with some slow cooker beef stew, and the food even brough the fruit out a little more. So, like someone else said: 90 points, $11 suggested retail, and high production - how can it not be in the top 100? My preference would be a more structured Syrah like Montes, but with an open mind towards a different style, I can see myself buying this again. HS says it is good until about 2015, if I remember his notes correctly. I'm interested to see if I hang on to one for a few years what it would be like.
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Originally posted by ratso:
Well, Bill you are kind. I found it (YT) somewhat like a cheap meritage. I really think YT is very ordinary. I like that the price is cheap. That in my opinion that is its only saving grace...and that most USA college students have replaced Boones Farm with YT.

Ratso, did you try the YT or YTR?
Originally posted by Laisserbertom:
Ratso, did you try the YT or YTR?

Right. yellow tail is mass produced, resonable priced one. Personally, I like it.
But the reserve is definetly better...even more than I expected.

And the vintage year may also be important; even a stopped clock can be right twice a day.

I've never had YT or YTR, but I am going to give it a try. I just can't understand why some people are so ready to condemn it based on some preconceived notion without first trying the wine.

As I understand it, YT was never intended for the "wine crowd". It was supposedly targeted for the beer-drinking and cocktail-drinking market. I wonder how they feel about being in WS Top 100.
I don't like the wine.

But I love the fact that it brings so many non-wine drinkers into the wine world.

I've weaned quite a few friends on YT ... it's simple, fun, easy to drink, wine for wine's sake.

Most of the people on this bored have moved on from the flavour profile it presents, but c'mon guys, let's not forget that we all had to start somewhere. The first palatable "wine" I had was a Gallo white zin ... just because nowadays, YT is the new beginner's wine, doesn't make it any less important in the grand scheme of wine education.
  • 2005 Yellow Tail (Yellowtail) Shiraz The Reserve Casella Estate - Australia, South Eastern (12/8/2007)
    Bought this wine because of the dust-up over being number 72 in the Wine Spectator Top 100. I have had Yellow Tail one time in my life and swore I would never try it again. Well I am glad i gave it one more chance. Dark reddish purple color, the nose is vanilla and blackberry. Not complex but this wine has a nice mouth feel, sweet cherry, blackberry with a hint of pepper on the 10 second finish. I will warn against just a pop and pour as I tried that at first and was really disapointed, came back two hours later and did the "Shake" method and there was a big difference. All in all a good wine worth the $10-$12 this is going for. (87 pts.)

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Ok Sean, I can't let you be the only one to experiment like this. Your note is spot on and based upon the thread regarding Holiday party wine, this would an acceptable wine to have in mixed wino/non-wino get togethers. Granted, the sweetness is still a bit much and it lacks any structure to speak of, but its a very quaffable well made wine for the price target it represents.
Recently won some at auction at $4.15 per bottle plus fees. Popped and poured, and seanr7 is right, not a good thing. Decanted and heavily sloshed and things improved. As previously mentioned, a bit on the sweet side but perhaps a pizza or ???? balances things somewhat. With this price point, no reason not to try. The remaining 5 will likely be gone by summer.

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